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In the animated film "Storks" babies with blue hair, green and pink skin tones appear equally varied, while there are families with mom and dad, two dads, two moms or single parents. This is one of the elements that has most liked actors Luis Gerardo Mendez and Martha Higareda, who lend their voices to the main characters in the version in Spanish for Latin America.

"Storks  has a very clear position and poses a very nice reflection is 'what is being ?, family who is family?'. I think that family is loving and caring family is. The family is the is and which provides, that is a family, "Mendez said during an interview with the Associated Press in Mexico City on purpose premiere on Friday.

"What I find terrible thing is that we still seems something so incredible display this in the film, when in a film for children and young people. We are a country that continues to question that, I think we are as far behind." To Higareda, the fact that Storks babies are so many colors is one of the advantages of animation.

"If you go to the cinema to see an animated have to be super open to film you'll see a group of wolves to be converted into a submarine and you're going to see amazing and fun things and you will see lots of color and much variety within a message that is love and Storks love is no difference of color, sex, social class, nothing, "said the actress.

Babies come from a factory that used to Storks create them and deliver them via storks, families who sent a letter. But for years the factory has not made a single delivery because its CEO plans only provide for the delivery of goods with which Junior, a clever stork played by Mendez, is the best.

One day his boss promised a big promotion, but conditioned to dismiss Tulip, a human that could not be delivered as a baby, who gives life Higareda. Junior dare not fire her but that encloses the baby section. One day Tulip receives a lost letter and during a discussion with Junior making a baby accidentally begins.

After that Junior and Tulip will be forced to give it to his family. Storks Full movie "It feels Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun', feels that can all and actually go see the movie how to begin to disarm and is a super insecure stork, with a thousand problems in the head as all of us and that is obsessed to be chief, "Mendez said of his character.

"And I think that is something that we often do not question us too, just want to be there where you've dreamed of, where you have to get, but what are you going to be there?". The letter that triggers the adventure of Tulip and Junior is sent by Nate, a child who wants to have a little brother. Higareda tells her that this was not lost, because ever since he can remember his sister has been with her. "My sister and I have a year apart, the mismito day we were born, my birthday was my sister," said the star of films like "Love hurts" and "No manches Frida".

In the case of Mendez, it is the largest and also the eldest of 65 cousins ​​brother. "I learned that my grandparents had nothing to do," he said humorously about the piles of children with whom he grew up. The star of the popular Mexican comedy "The Noble Family" has its very latent paternal side. "I've always been super babysit all the time I'm thinking I want a son and being a dad," he said. "I'll question it because I see all my friends start having babies and you start to see them suffer, to look haggard and fat, and mourn and stop partying, but at the same time look happier than ever."